Aluminium Sandblasting & Brushing

orego metal

Aluminium sandblasting / brushing is a process that applied to the aluminium surface with the purpose of cleaning, acquisition of texture or renovation. In order to ensure that aluminium sandblasting / brushing takes place at a lower cost with the most efficient way, it is important to have the best possible understanding of the glazing principles. Thereby, we as Orego Metal think that it is a must to consider important issues like system components and sandblasting procedures in general by aluminium sandblasting / brushing. Aluminium sandblasting / brushing process is applied in the same way as the pressure system sanding process. The most basic elements in the pressurized system sanding process are; air compressor, compressed air desiccant, compressed air tank, sandblasting nozzle and pressure sandblasting boiler. Some system errors, which are not considered and are not observed before the aluminium sandblasting / brushing, are resulted in spoiled surfaces in the sandblasting phase even if the process is under favorable conditions which turns out as a labour and time loss. Therefore, we are fully focused on every detail of the process to ensure that the sanding process can be successfully carried out and the desired surface quality is achieved. Compressed sanding devices have air compressors at the head and these compressors are used to produce compressed air. The selection of compressor has a great importance because compressed air is used in blasting or sandblasting process. Pressure gauging, which is an important factor for aluminium sandblasting / brushing process, is a standard sandblasting or blasting equipment and compressed air tanks are the next step right after the compressor. These air tanks must be highly resistant to all kind of pressures and must be both pressure tested and certified. Following this stage, compressed air is sent to the dryers. Air driers are used to dehumidify the air to avoid from particles that are usually resulted in lump formation because of the binding effect of humidity which cause to be sprayed with intermittent sand. The pressurized sanding boiler is the another sanding equipment. Materials to be sprayed to the surface are placed into the reservoir, and then the pressurized air first drives these boilers to the top, which closes the drill hole for the sand loading operation of the boiler. After the closure, pressurized air is directed towards the valve outlets placed at the bottom of the boiler. The most important function of the valve placed in there is to get sand and air mixture at the optimum conditions. It is important to maintain the pressure at the certain level and also kept it in stable to have the aluminium profile aluminium sandblasting / brushing process with full efficiency. As aluminium is a very soft metal, selection of sandblasting abrasive to be used is highly important and therefore, must be done gingerly. There is a possibility that abrasives with both sharp and hard edges can damage the surface, and so it needs to be applied delicately. With that in mind we, as Orego Metal, prefer stainless steel ball, ceramic ball and glass sphere as abrasive to be used in sanding process.